Inside The Woods Ale House in Saskatoon, you'll find some of the region's best beer, natural food, and a good time. Come and take a trip to The Woods!


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Paddock Wood

606 IPA
Our most popular beer is a clear American style India Pale Ale with a distinct hop bitterness and dryness in the finish, supported by a deep malt profile in the British tradition.


This double IPA is full of flavour! 85 units of bitterness are balanced by a robust malt profile, creating a pleasant and complex beverage. This double-strength beer is dry-hopped, creating a stronger flavour.


Our Vienna Red Lager was taking too long, so we used Ale yeast instead, creating a German hybrid style beer that balances toward toasted malts with just a touch of bitterness to pull up in the end. The specialty grains are European, with German hops.


Canadian pilsners tend to be mild in taste and bitterness, but like the original Pilsners of Europe this beer has big hop profile. The hops in Czech Mate come from the Czech Republic and the lager malts from Canada and Germany.


A prairie version of this classic German wheat beer. We use a classic German wheat beer yeast which give it a flavour of cloves, banana, and soft fruits.


Using a specialty German malt that lacks the acrid bite often associated with black malts, this lager has all the colour punch of black malt without the flavour impact. Black Cat has the lightest roasted profile of our black beers.


The “black beast,” our oatmeal stout uses a blend of roasted barley and chocolate malts to create two flavour threads – the bitterness of the roasted barley is subdued by rich chocolate notes and the smoothness of oats.


Porters feature lighter roasted malt than stouts, called chocolate malt, which offers up flavours of coffee or dark chocolate. Our London Porter does a fantastic job of catching these chocolate flavours and finishes very smooth.

Melonhead (Koelsch style)
Made with Pilsner malts and European lager hops, but fermented with our ale yeast for light & soft fruit notes. -- light and easy drinking.


Inspired by the bright citrus and earthy resins of the hop developed and grown in Oregon’s Yakima valley, this full-bodied IPA features Columbus, Cascade and Bravo hops.


Named after [Car-ib-dis] the famous whirlpool of Homer’s Odyssey, this beer uses an experimental technique – adding hops only to the whirlpool stage. It violates traditional brewing rules, but makes a great hop profile.


Wheat beers are soft and fruity, but this is the darker version of the light hefeweizen we make as Saskatcheweizen. The darkness is from a richer malt profile.

Lal's Ruby Mild

A Mild ale that is based on crystal malts rather than roasted malts.

Belgian Wit

The Wit is a wheat based beer brewed with two types of orange peel, grapefruit and lemon peel, and coriander.


Please see the draught chalkboard or ask your server as the guest beers change often.
Possible guest taps this spring:
Six Corners (Trailhead IPA, Triple Summit IIPA, & Stump Splitter)
Rebellion (various)
9 Mile (various small batches)
Black Bridge (various)
Nokomis (various)
Prairie Sun (various)


Paddock Wood Regular

606 IPA, Yakima West Coast IPA, Bete Noir, Black Cat, London Porter, Czech Mate Pilsner, Red Hammer, Loki IPA

Paddock Wood Seasonal

Maibock, Belgian Wit, Saskatcheweizen, Winter Ale, Blackfriars, Heartstopper, Sine Nomine

Wheat Beers

Ayinger Ur-wiesse, Ayinger Brau-weisse, Maisel's Original, Maisel's Dunkel, Rosee D’hibiscus By Dieu Du Ciel, Blanche Du Paradis By Dieu Du Ciel, Konig Ludwig Weissebeir, Dark & Stormy Night by Picaroons

India Pale Ales

Hoptical Illusion, Mad Tom Ipa, Little Scrapper,

Pale & Amber Ales

Dead Guy, Chaman By Dieu Du Ciel, Hobgoblin, Jacobite Ale, Hitachino Red Rice, Skull Splitter, Crabbie's Original Ginger Beer, Route Des Epices By Dieu Du Ciel,

Stouts & Porters

Peche Mortel By Dieu Du Ciel, Aphrodisiaque By Dieu Du Ciel. By Paddock Wood: 1,000 Monkeys Russian Imperial Stout, Barrel of Monkeys, Cherry barrel Monkeys, Monkeys of the Caribbean, Brettish Monkeys

Fruit Lagers

Floris Ninkeberry, Melville's Strawberry, Melville's Raspberry, Fruli (strawberry)


Elixir Celeste By Dieu Du Ciel, Samichlaus, Stiegl Radler, Stielg Lager, Radeberger, Bríó

Belgian Ales

Achel 8, Chmay White Cap, Chimay Red Cap, Chimay Blue Cap, Rochefort 8, Rochefort 10, Westmalle Dubbel, Westmalle Tripel, Gouden Carolus Classic, Brother David's Double, La Rulles Triple, Rigor Mortis By Dieu Du Ciel, La Chouffe, Mc Chouffe, Delerium Tremens,

Belgian Fruit Lambics

Lambics Are Sour, “wild” Beers From Belgium.
Kriek (cherry), Framboise (raspberry), & Cassis (currant) Are Lambics Blended With Fruit.

Mort Subite Kriek, Lindeman’s Cassis, Lindeman’s Peche, Boon Kriek, Boon Framboise,

Belgian Lambics & Sours

Lambics Are Sour, “wild” Beers From Belgium.
Gueuze Is A Blend Of Young And Old Lambic.

Oude Gueuze Tilquin A L'ancienne

Duchesse du Bourgogne (sour brown

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